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Fun Competition Formats

We are collating a selection of fun formats for you to play when out practicing and having fun with your friends.

Please contact to let us know your favourite formats and we will add them to our list.

Six-Six-Six (3 players)

There are 6 points up for grabs on each hole. If someone wins the hole outright they get 4 points. The player that comes in second gets 2 points. If the 2 bottom players tie they each get 1 point. If 2 players tie for the win they each get 3 points and the bottom player gets none.

Chairman or On the Perch (3 or 4 players)

This is somewhat similar to Skins. The player with the lowest score on a hole becomes the Chairman. If they win the next hole again they are still the Chairman. If 2 players tie for the best score, the current Chairman remains the same. The person who is the Chairman for the most holes wins.

Nines (3 players)

This is a game where each hole is worth nine points. If one person gets a birdie, another person gets a par, and the third person gets a bogey, the points will be 5-3-1. If each player ties the hole they’d all get 3 points. If one person gets a birdie and the other 2 gets a par it would be 5-2-2.

Snake (3 or 4 players)

The first thing you’ll need to do is set a bet. Whenever someone 3-putts a hole they become the Snake. If someone else 3-putts they become the new Snake. The person who is the Snake at the end of the round has to pay the set bet.

Lagging (3 or 4 players)

Once everyone has landed on the green the player closest to the pin gets 3 points, the second closest gets 2 points, the next closest gets 1 point, and the furthest person away gets zero points. The player with the most points by the end wins.

Round Robin (4 players)

In this game, you’ll change partners every six holes. Every 6 holes will be a new bet. You can play any style of game.

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