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Women on the Tee, is a central point of information and knowledge for Womens Golf.

WOTT provides information on how golf works, the rules, where to find them, what is available to women golfers and also showcases insights and initiatives for womens golf from around the World.

Learn more about Women on the Tee and the History of Womens Golf on the Women in Golf History Podcast:

Women golfers of all ages enjoy golf in all its formats and experiences.

Golf is a sport, leisure activity and entertainment platform offering anyone and everyone the opportunity to participate from seaside mini golf to elite professional golfers and everything in between or engage as a fan attending a professional or amateur championship to viewing and following players and events via multiple media channels.

With the advances in technology, the number of ways individuals can consumer golf has increased significantly in recent years, with tools to help players improve their game on the course and have fun with friends off the course.

As well as participation, the number of ways fans can engage with golf has also increased through social media and streaming technologies and with that comes new initiatives for fans to engage with players and teams in a variety of competitive events.

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