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Women On The Tee – Looking Forward To 2022…

WOTT – moving forward

Happy New Year…

As we move forward in to 2022, golf across the board is gaining in popularity, with participation numbers increasing in all age groups. You can download the R&A European Participation report from Nov 2021, HERE

In March 2021, WOTT launched and started to create a reference point for women golfers alongside new playing opportunities for women golfers of all ages and all handicaps.

The WOTT website has been updated and will have more information added in the coming weeks and months to provide information for Women Golfers to refer to, learn from, join in and enter competitions and events to participate in, organised by WOTT, partner clubs or Regional Associations or National Governing Bodies.

The purpose of WOTT is to provide a reference point for women golfers, plus identify gaps in the women’s golfing experience and create new playing opportunities, to learn more click on the links below:

Moving forward the goal is to identify gaps in the women’s golf experience and look to partner with other organisations or create new WOTT events for women golfers of all ages and standards.

Last month, WOTT contacted Martin Slumbers, CEO of the R&A to update him on the progress of WOTT and in his reply, he said that improving the women’s golf experience “will be a collective effort to be successful but the tide is definitely turning.”  we have an opportunity to go with the tide and become part of the positive future ahead.

9 is Fine

9 is fine is a new idea where WOTT works with clubs to create small 9 hole fun and qualifying events for women, of all ages with a WHS handicap, who may be new to playing golf at other courses or are strapped for time.  The 9 hole events will be hosted by the individual clubs and the players will sign up via WOTT, to enter and pay their entry fees.

9 is Fine is in its infancy so have just started to talk to clubs, if this could be of interest to your club, then please email

Join our social channels

A new Facebook Page has been created, HERE follow us and join our WOTT Facebook Group, share ideas and experiences, be part of the future of WOTT.

Facebook Page
Facebook Group

Carrying out research for WOTT has led to learning more about the history of women’s golf and key characters who have influenced golf for women in the last 100 years.

Issette Pearson, the first honorary secretary of the Ladies Golf Union, founded in 1893, which merged with the R&A in 2017, met Mabel Stringer, a sports journalist and golf enthusiast, who while active members of the LGU committee, created the first handicap system to be used by golfers when playing in different competitions at different clubs.

The Pearson Trophy, is played in memory of Issette Pearson annually, by 4 counties, Herts, Kent, Middlesex and Surrey, with each county running a knockout competition to put forward their top team to play for the trophy.

Brenda King Foursomes, played in memory of Brenda King, the First Senior, British Womens Amateur Champion, originally run by England Golf, now run by a committee of passionate senior women golfers.

Helen Holme was a 5 times Scottish champion, who also won, the British Ladies Amateur twice, the Helen Holme Trophy is the Scottish Women’s Open Championship. played at Royal Troon each year.

WOTT 2022 Schedule
1 Day Stableford
72 Places Players Per Event
2 Day Stableford
72 Places Players Per Event
1 Day 4BBB
72 Places Players Per Event
Have a look at the WOTT website to find out more about other Women’s Golf Competitions across the UK, signed up, turn up, play and have fun!
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