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Introducing Karen Francis, Performance and Mindset Coach

Karen works with a range of clients to help them overcome anxiety and enhance their performance, at home, at work and on the golf course.  As a keen golfer, Karen has worked with a number of golfers of the years and works with the Professional Golfers Association, PGA and the University of Birmingham, as a lecturer and mentor, to new entrants in to a career with the  PGA and golf coaching.

Karen’s fascination with why we do what we do, and how we can change, has led to a degree and masters level education in performance psychology and post-graduate qualifications in psychotherapy, cognitive behavioural and hypnotherapy.

Additionally, Karen’s coaching training has led to specialisms in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Stress Management, Positive Parenting and Realising Strengths Accreditation.

Karen is affiliated with both the University of Birmingham and University of Greenwich lecturing at both degree and master’s level in counselling and performance related subjects and works with the Professional Golfing Association (PGA) to provide mentoring and support to students undertaking their foundation and degree courses.

Karen has shared some of the advice she has given Golf Coaches and will be adding to this section as we move forward.  To learn more about Karen or get in touch please visit her website HERE.

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