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Beyond Lockdown…

Creating new opportunities for women golfers

The first draft of the first page of the Women on the Tee website was written on the 6th January 2021.  Since then we have:

None of this would have been possible without the help and support of a number of people not, just in the last 3 months, but over the last couple of years.

This is a BIG THANK YOU to not only those mentioned below but to everyone who has given me their time, shared their knowledge, experience and wisdom, provided insight and information about National, Regional and County Championship dates to avoid clashes, spread the word about WOTT, played or sponsored the 2018 & 2019 ladies Pro-Ams, supported me on and off the golf course, enabling me to bring Women on the Tee to life.  In no particular order, I would like to thank:

Debbie Richards, Janet Melville, Sharon Eales, Katrina Davis, Stuart Melville, Sally Parrish,  Dubravka Griffiths, Sean Caffrey, Sam Smith, Shona Malcolm, Rob Moss, Nicky Lawrenson, David Wingfield, Harriet Sheppard, Jane Lees, Vincent Boon, Alison Smith, Nick Stocking, Charlotte Nutt, Ashley Northridge, Alan Tait, Mel Smith, Viv Lee, Karen Francis, Deanne Tagar-Smith, Mandy Ambert, Shan Litler, Roger Hazlewood, Mike Hazlewood,

Plus the Brenda King Foursomes Organising Committee and the Vets Association who spread the word withint their memberships, and the teams at each of the venues, who have made room for us in their 2021 schedules, Mill Ride, High Post, Bromborough, Bowood, Leamington and County, Kenwick Park and South Staffs.



We have an online platform to create new opportunities for women golfers and to leverage to work alongside other organisations championing women’s golf across the UK and beyond.

We are investigating how to be a WOMEN IN GOLF CHARTER signatory,

We have a partnership with Core-Flex Pilates, if you have attended one of our taster sessions or would like to participate in Pilates going forward please fill out our Pilates Feedback form HERE

My Golfing Gertie Twitter account, with over 1200 followers and has now been rebranded as @womenonthetee

Over the next couple of  months, a new Women on the Tee online forum & community will be up and running.

We will be contacting everyone who offered to volunteer or help to find out if and how you would like to be involved in WOTT.

We have a skeleton schedule for 2022, which includes, some of our 2021 venues, plus, Ganton, Burnham & Berrow, Enville, & Gogmagog

We have created the 2021, schedule below, where you can enter on your own, with 1 or 2 friends or get a group together and come and play new courses and meet new friends….click on the course name to find out more each one:

Thought for the week….

“Enjoying golf is less about playing great golf and more about feeling great about the golf you play.”

Julie and the WOTT team

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