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Managing change in any organisations is tough.  Managing Change in Sport and in particular golf is even trickier.

With over 25 years managing change in orgaisaitons of different sizes, in different geographic markets and industry sectors, we can help you navigate change in your.  We ask the tough questions:

Where are you today?

Where do you want to be in 1, 3, and 5 years?

We help you create a vision, put a plan together and work with you to deliver it.

Insight provides indicators which enhance decision making.

Leveraging insight from the World of Golf, both local market and work being carried out in other markets, plus insights from Womens Sport, and business will provide a richer view upon which to make decisions about strategic initiatives and provide benchmarks from beyond golf to measure the impact of change programs and outcomes.

With a broad view of Womens Sport and insight from business around customer and member experience, we can help you leverage exisitng and obtain specific insight in order to make better informed decisions.

While golf is on a forward trajectory, it is important to learn from history and to respect initatives whihc have evolved over time to create a rich womens golf experience.

Managing golf through this period of transformation is about moving forward and bringing the best bits and people in to a future richer golf experience for all golfers.

Learning from, understanding how things came to be how they are and to respect it and engage with those who maintain different womens golf legacies and bring them with you when creating future golf wexperiences for women of all backgrounds.

Golf is creating more entry point to golf from beginner to returner, to club switching.

The challenge for golf clubs, with so many new golfer personas, is how do they adapt their current golfer epxerience to accomodate and create multiple pathways for each golfer segment.   Below is an example of potential pathways based on ability and desired golf experience.

The key to creating pathways is to understand what the current golfer mix is, male, female, junior and ability levels.

Define the current golf experience for each group and then look at what the experiences should be in the future and create a plan to introduce new pathways based on members prefereed experience. (Competitive, social, learning, team player etc)

We can help you define the current golfer mix and their experiences and work with you to create new golfer pathways, which you can work towards over a period of time.

What is the Womens Golf Experience that you create and deliver.  What does the annual diary of events look like, when do women play, do they play mostly together or do they play in mixed events. Is it 7 days a week or mosstly weekdays?

How will it evolve in the future to accomodate new women members as they join your club?

We can help you

  • define the current womens golf experince, help you
  • understand what it involves,
  • understand who creates and delivers it

we can compare this to the mens golf experience and identify gaps and work with your internal team and the women members to develop a new womens golf experience which reflects the needs and desires of the women and mens groups within the club.

Equlity means having equal opportunity, and if the current womens golf experience is not equal to the mens and vice versa, then there should be a plan in place to make it so, respecting different groups needs and desires.

We can work wiht you to articulate the golf experiences you have today and define how the golf experiences will evolve going forward, over a period of time.

There are a number of initiatives yo attract women and girls of all ages and abilities, which have been created and supported by national and international governing bodies of golf and womens sport.

Looking at the womens and girls initiatives that your club, county, governing body or independent organisation are aware of or have implemented and looking at the impact of the initiatives on your golfers experience and reviewing them in conjunction with the desired golfers experience of the future, these can be mapped and included in a longer term golfer experience strategy and delivery plan.

Initiatives are great and provide a benchmark of what others in the industry are working on or towards and can provide a measurement of their impact, within individual clubs, counties, governing bodies or other organisation.

We can help you understand that impact of the initiatives you have implemented and introduce youo to other who have had similar or different success.

Knowledge sharing when it comes to implelemtning initaitives, helps everyone improve and move forward.

Best Practice evolves through knowledge sharing.

As golf goes through this period of disruption and transformation, some ideas and initatives will work better than others and some can form a best practice handbook, where clubs, counties, governing bodies can all share and learn from on a local, national and international level.

Golf is evolving around the globe at different rates, based on their history and current golfer mix and experiences that are delivered.

No-one is an island so sharing and learnign from each other will ensure the indsutry evolves and adapts and delivers relevant golfer experiences for the golf mix in your organisation.


There are pockats of best practice appearing from across the globe and we can help you tap in to and learn form other groups who are workgin to wards a more equal and inclusive world of Golf.

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