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Welcome to Women on the Tee

In October 2020, a group of senior amateur women golfers, began a conversation about competitive golf in the UK for women.

Each member of the group came from a different background with different experiences, the outcome was that we all agreed there is an opportunity to create more competitive events for women golfers and also bring together information for amateur women golfers in to one place online.

The goal is to create a website and in time, a mobile app, which brings together everything relating to amateur women’s golf into one place, below is a draft image of what this could look like and the core areas we are considering:

Step 1
Our first objective was to canvas opinion from a broader group, a survey was designed and sent out in early November, the results of the survey, show that there is interest in more competitions for and between, women golfers across the UK.

Step 2
Ask survey respondents if they would be interested in getting involved and if they are aware of courses who may be interested in hosting a Women on the Tee competition.

We now have a small team contacting courses.

Step 3
We have reviewed the existing competition schedule for senior women golfers, identified some target dates for running competitions.

To ensure we offer a professional competition experience, we have invested in a licence for Tournament Software to enable us to run competitions effectively, communicate with entrants and be able to run a national Order of Merit.  We are currently learning how to use this system and have added some placeholder events in our draft schedule.

Step 4
We are working on a plan to develop the schedule for 2021, our target is to run, COVID permitting,

  • 4 Strokeplay Competitions
  • 2 4BBB Competitions
  • 2 Ladies Pro-Ams, (one in Scotland and one in England)

This is ambitious for our first year, however, you don’t get anywhere without goals.

We will be updating our news page as we go along….

Thank you for being part of our journey…


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