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WOTT 2022 Schedule

Women on the Tee 2022 Schedule

The Women on the Tee 2022 Schedule is open for sign up, click on each Image below to go to the individual competitions and HERE to go to the main website.
WOTT Stablefords
We have 3 x 1 day and 1 x 2 day, Stablefords, where members can either enter individually to play in handicap order, or sign up with a group of friends, to play together, in the tee time in line with the highest handicap in your group.
WOTT Team Events
WOTT will host 2 team events, a 4BBB on the 4th July at Enville Golf Club and an All Female Pro-Am, date and venue to be confirmed.  Click on the images below to sign up for the 4BBB and learn more about the Women’s Pro-Am.
WOTT Women’s Pro-Am

The 2021, WOTT Women’s Pro-Am was held at Bowood Golf Course on the 19th August 2021, the third Pro-Am hosted by the WOTT team.  The first, all female Pro-Am, took place in September 2018, at Burhill, and at Cuddington in 2019. The 2022 Women’s Pro-Am, date and venues to be confirmed.

Click on the image below to learn about the history of the Pro-Am and the Professional Women Golfer who have competed in this event.

The 2021, the Staysure Legends Tour, hosted a Masterclass for WOTT members.

We are looking to offering more experiences in 2022 and beyond, to find out more about the 2021 Masterclass, click on the image below:

WOTT Membership
  • 5% discount on all WOTT Events
  • Join a community of women golfers
  • Access to Women on the Tee Events
  • Access to Women on the Tee Partner Events
  • 15% discount on Staysure Travel & Golf insurance, call our WOTT 0800 number or use our WOTT members code
  • WOTT Members Bag Tag to easily recognise other members.

Membership of Women on the Tee is £50 per annum.
WOTT is a rolling 12 month membership.

We look forward to welcoming you in 2022

The WOTT Team

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